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Quad Bike Criminals

Here at Gotts we have had several incidents in the last year of quad bikes entering the course and causing damage to our greens.

These acts of criminal damage cost us incredible amounts of money to rectify. We are a charitable organisation. We exist only to provide a cost effective golf course to the people of the Armley and surrounding areas. We are not a profit making business. Any profits are invested back into the business to try improve the facilities.

The people causing this damage, for little more than twisted fun, jeopardise the service we offer and also jeopardise the livelihoods’ of those people employed to operate the golf course.

Please can we ask that anyone who knows the identities of these people contact the West Yorkshire Police and share this information. If you do nothing else please make them aware how damaging their actions are to people who have done nothing to warrant these despicable acts.

Gotts Park Golf Club.


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